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Music Mixing

Musical Services

Top Coin Events want to make your event a success with entertainment your guests won’t soon forget. We are essentially a talent AND events company who brings a unique mixture of DJs, musicians and equipment tailored to meet the feel of an event and the tastes of you and your guests. You can trust us with preparing the entertainment for your event to run smoothly. Check out the different musical packages I have to offer below.

Packages: Packages

All Inclusive DJ Party Package

Build your own entertainment package including DJ/MC and equipment desired for a successful event. Audio & lighting package for 5 hours of entertainment. DJ arrives at least one hour before contracted time to set up and may stay an hour after contacted time to break down equipment. Client is not charged for set up and break down time. Client chooses number of mics and how much lighting they would like at their event. Mic options include corded mics, wireless mics and lapel mics. Lighting options include standard dance floor lighting and additional uplighting for $30 per light. Client receives planning forms to provide event details and desired music themes/styles or requests.

Live Show

All Inclusive Band Party Package

Top Coin musicians will cover all your favorite tunes live at your event. Band plugged into our professional audio system with all pertinent mics and equipment provided for and by the band. Client can choose which instruments they desire and which ensemble they would like: A three piece string ensemble would be for more intimate settings like a wedding ceremony or a business cocktail hour. We offer anything between three and eight piece music ensembles. The band will default to top 40 classics on their own if client doesn't have particular requests ahead of time. If the client does have specific requests we ask to have those for at least 2 weeks before the event so the musicians have time to practice them together. Planning forms will be provided to the client for details and music requests for each event.

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DJ & Musician Combo Package

Choose a musician to pair with your DJ! Choose your DJ and choose your musician. Musician can play as little as 1 hour or as many as 5. They can play during ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner hour, beginning of reception or a combination of those time periods. Musicians will be mic'd and play along with digital tracks of the client or the DJ's choosing. Note: Horn players will need breaks every 20 minutes or so to catch their breath.

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